Premarital sex is a ticklish issue that requires a good deal of wisdom to participate in it or not, especially if you’re female. Like most teens and young adults, you might be one of those longing to tie the knot with the ideal spouse. However, you would like to know if premarital sex may affect your chances of a great marriage. Does premarital sex really make sense? There are couples who have participated in premarital sex and have happy marriages. However there are more of people that are much less fortunate.

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This is not to argue for or against premarital sex; neither can it be to pit the conservative view contrary to the modern perspective on sex. No matter your spiritual beliefs or sex abilities, there are mistaken notions about premarital sex which have brought disaster to a lot of couples. Have a look at these common ideas and the truth behind them.

1. Everybody’s doing it, so it has to be right for me.

Premarital sex has improved because five centuries past. Teen pregnancies are rising daily. Children are bearing kids! They end up devastated when they’re made to be young single mothers to their infants. Premarital sex will split up couples before marriage since sex might be the only thing holding the spouses together.

2. Females should be the ones to put a grip on sex.

That is obviously a double standard. Both partners must have responsibility for their sexual behaviours.

We’re talking of thousands of dollars here! As it’s a neutral law, it won’t be long until this legislation spreads to other states.

3. A man who does not have sex when he wants it badly will suffer serious bodily harm.

Celibate individuals like priests and nuns have proven this wrong for centuries. Sex is never a necessity. Don’t be duped into thinking that your partner will suffer permanent brain damage or break with purple pimples if he does not have sex.

4. Sex is your proof of love.

A man often tells his partner, “If you like me, do it with me.” He can just wish to fulfill his sex needs and might not have the notion of love input his hot mind.

5. Sex before marriage is necessary for sexual adjustment.

Nature takes its course in regards to sex in marriage. When there’s true love and respect for each other, partners will certainly work out their sex life even without trying sex.

6. Since we are engaged, there’s absolutely not any point in waiting for sex.

This sounds convincing but figures show that 1 from 3 engagements in the United States is broken and premarital sex is one of those big causes. Rushing into sex before marriage spoils the eagerness and deprives the few the deeper, more permanent joys of overall sex in which the physical self and spiritual self merge to one.

7. Pleasurable sex saves a bad connection.

This is not true. It never made a good one either. No matter how explosive a physical sexual experience may be, it is no match to the love, trust and respect which strongly bind a relationship.