For starters, here is a fast lesson in psychology. By nature, men respond to what’s visual. They respond to hot women in bikinis on the covers of male publications, brutal video games, geeky science fiction pop culture. girls on the other hand (and yes, even hot women), by nature respond to what’s audio as well as internal. Gossip publications, scandal, dialogue in romantic movies.

You will find exceptions, but most of the time, advertising & marketing is based around the rule: males are influenced by what is visual to them, girls are affected by what’s sound to them.

When you question a guy what sort of girl he likes, in all likelihood he will describe her hair color, body, face, etc. Ask a lady what sort of man she likes, most probably she will say she wants a male that can make the laugh of her, successful, loyal, rich… and then she talks about his physical attributes.

women that are Beautiful do have an upper hand over almost all men. They get hold of attention by smiling as well as giggling (Visual). However, the average male is able to have an advantage over females that are beautiful as well. A male is able to be appealing if he can structure what he states and just how he says it. (AUDIO)!

Don’t feel at a disadvantage in case you’re not really that good looking. You can often wear great clothes, exercise & convey confident body language. You are able to gain the advantage because women are susceptible to what they hear and feel. Provided the conversations during your interactions are fascinating, humorous and structured the right way, you can get females to desire you.
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