A few guys are in the position to get all of the hot women. Somehow. They don’t seem that much better than me, they don’t need to be rich or perhaps anything, but they just get the girls. I could not – as well as for the lifetime of me I could not know what makes those women tick.

Nowadays I’ve become among the individuals that I formerly hated – I am particularly positive with females and also for the last season I have had plenty of really hot girlfriends. What caused this excellent change?

Uncomplicated – I have been TAUGHT the reason why the girls tick. And no surprise – it’s not one particular point, there are plenty of tactics that I was taught and successfully used. And I’m proud to talk about them – since I understand the way it can feel not to manage to get some hot women. I’ll help!

First of all, ALL such methods make use of psychological principles. For each and every strategy, there is an underlying human behavioral layout that makes the process work. And at times they work so brilliantly that it would not be inaccurate to call them “mind tricks”.

Deflection Theory

Do not tell me what I am about to tell never taken place to you: You are with a team of females, one of them is hotter compared to the others and you need her. But for all of your generous comments as well as flirtatious gestures; she appears to be the female who’s the toughest to link in the number of females. Precisely why is that?

It’s as she realizes you’re keen on her. Because you are serious about her rather than the others, she can feel socially elevated. If she gives in to you, she knows the “elevated” of her social standing will go down. So she keeps her unattainable position.

Obviously, there is one way to not merely beat this problem, but to be able to REVERSE it in your favor.

Every time you can see this happening, DEFLECT your attention and interest to one (or more) other girls. Challenge her. This will likely result in a reverse response in her – now she will attempt to GET your attention! Girls, more often compared to some other individuals, want what they believe they cannot have. This strategy works unbelievably good!

This’s not the one psychological technique you are able to use being turned into the guy who gets all of the females. I have used a lot of tactics and here they’ve become second nature to me. I have created a page telling of my experiences and how I changed very much.