Premarital sex is universally acknowledged as 2 folks having sex before marriage. In the past, premarital sex is considered as forbidden and this will lead to a weighty retribution. Today as modern culture evolves, values & mind-sets develop and our degenerating society is gradually embracing premarital sex as the same problem in relationships. This had resulted in ambivalent responses from the society along with religions. The significant question is has our society embraced premarital sex? Does the youth of our society learn the results of premarital sex?

Waiting until you’re married to engage in activity that is sexual is not merely some antiquated ideal. It can certainly be advantageous to both partners and the partnership itself. Moreover, engaging in sexual activity before being married may also affect a relationship in myriad ways. Premarital sex is able to affect the way a couple relates to one another, change the dynamics of the relationship as well as have physical consequences, a child could be brought into the picture and of course most notably, the salvation of the souls involved.
‘Food is designed for the stomach and also the stomach for food, and God will put an end to them together. however, the body is not for all the expectations of the skin, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body: And God who made the Lord Jesus regrow from the dead is going to do the same for us by his strength. Do you not see your systems come with the human body of Christ? Just how then may I take what is an element of the body of Christ and allow it to be a part of the body associated with a loose female? Such something may not be. Or do you not see that he who’s joined to a loose woman is one body with her? For God has said, the 2 of them is going to become one flesh. although he who is united to the Lord is one spirit. Keep away from the wishes of the flesh. Every sin that a male does is outside the body; however, he who goes after the expectations of the flesh does evil to his body. Or even are you not aware that your body is a house for the Holy Spirit which is in you, and that have been provided to you by God? Plus you are not the proprietors of yourselves; for a payment has been made for you: let God be honoured in your body.’

1 Corinthians 6:13-20
‘But fornication and every type of impurity, or maybe covetousness, allow them to not even be talked about among you, for they ought to not be named among God’s people.’

Ephesians 5:3


1. If you plant premarital sex, you reap additional marital sex as the crop. Surveys have revealed that people with indulged in premarital sex are much more promiscuous or more susceptible to additional marital affairs and sex while married. Gen.8:22.

2. It opens the door for demonic spirits to wreak havoc in the relationship. Remember, sex is as spiritual as it is physical. 1 Corinthians 6:16.

3. It is going to turn off God’s source of favour from reaching you. As Christians we know that God frown at it. The Bible in 1 Corinthians 6:18 says;’ Flee fornication. Every sin that a male doeth is without the entire body, but he that commits fornication sins against the own body of his. What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God and ye aren’t your own?’

4. The conscience of yours will be wounded and you’ll be tormented by the notion of such acts of disobedience. Sexually transmitted diseases are usually passed when couples have had a couple of sexual partners. Although premarital sex does not suggest the couple have had a couple of sexual partners, the odds are greater than if a couple vows to abstain until marriage

5. It blinds you from seeing the faults and negative attitudes of your partner. You will probably be constrained to deal with the connection that may lead to a bad marriage because of the temporary enjoyment of sex.

6. You lose the value of the partner of yours along with your focus gets blurred. Sex produces a bond between sex partners which can conveniently be violated if the commitment is not strong enough to sustain it. Marriage causes a lifelong commitment and also can easily support the bond a sexual relationship creates. It is very hard for couples interested in premarital sex to ensure that their sexual relationship create a lasting bond

7. It erodes the trust you have for each other. As a result suspicion comes up, and there is room for serious jealousy when there is nothing going on.

8. Premarital sex replaces intimacy. This could find yourself in heartbreak in case you lost interest. A married couple may also be more likely to experience problems if one or maybe both partners had been sexually active before marriage. Couples with a number of previous sexual partners could end up looking at their marital sex life to the premarital sex life of theirs, often resulting in dissatisfaction.

9. Couples who cohabit and engage in premarital sex before marriage are at higher risk of divorce and report a lower degree of commitment to the connection, and this improves the chance of a single parent family if a kid is engaged. You open yourself up to regrets and shame in case it causes pregnancy. if you make an effort to cover up by committing abortion, you start to be guilty of murder that is if you survive it.

10. It’ll also result in bad reputation. Usually if adolescents commit premarital sex, this secret would be confined between the couple themselves. More often than not this particular act is difficult to be stored as a secret because the man often brag amongst their friends thus resulting in rumours. The girl’s reputation is at stake as she’ll be gossiped and judged by her very own peers.

Based on the information imparted above it may be deduced that Premarital sex adds absolutely nothing to your courtship. It only introduces disaffection. If you’ve previously engaged in premarital sex, you need to try to make a commitment with God, your girlfriend or boyfriend, and yourself to continue to be sexually pure from this point on until marriage.

Ask God for toughness and help to stay sexually pure until marriage. God will provide the power and grace to triumph over the urge to have sex, as long as you are careful and willing not to place yourself in an area of temptation. Philippians 4:13

I Corinthians 10:13 declares, “No temptation has you in its power but such as is prevalent to human nature; and God is faithful and won’t allow you being tempted beyond your strength. However, once the temptation comes, He’ll provide the way of escape; hence you might be able to bear it.” It’s feasible to battle sexual urge and win the battle.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that God can and does forgive the sin of premarital sex. When an individual places his or the confidence of her in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, desiring to turn away from the old life of sin, all sins are forgiven. Jesus died to pay the penalty for almost all of the sins of ours, including premarital sex. Once they’re forgiven, they’re all forgiven.

Colossians 1:13-14 says, “Who halt delivered us from the power of darkness, then halt translated us into the kingdom of his dear son. In who we’ve redemption through his blood, including the forgiveness of sin:” What we’re to do is confess our sins. 1 John 1:9 says, “If we confess the sins of ours, he’s faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
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