When sex is mentioned, what comes to mind only could be the pleasure that could be produced from it, the art of creating a person reach orgasm or maybe the power must carry out the act. The films and cinemas only paints a beautiful scenario around the act without telling us the negative effects in case it is done at the bad time.

I came up with this particular issue after exploring what would have happened if people knew what sex really meant. Generally there wouldn’t were cases of STD, unwanted pregnancies, abortion or perhaps cheating. I studied the lives of males that are excellent in the Bible and our existing world who have suffered with the act due to their ignorance about sex. They’d their image tarnished and also suffered a lot of regrets.

What’s the huge deal about sex? What exactly are the things we do not know that might have saved us from regrets or pain? Patiently read through the following points I found below…

1. God created sex
Every invention has a goal for which it was produced. God created sex. It’s beyond an urge we have to fulfill when our hormone rages. It’s a sacred act. God gave male an impulse to have sex so that he can fulfill The purpose of his of creating godly seeds since we are made in His image. But we often make the mistake of thinking its in our energy to do it anywhere, anyhow or anytime. Hence, we will be accountable for just how we use it. As an example, not one person will prefer to hurt his/her organ of sight for no good reason. Similarly, our sexual organs need to be guarded since it had been created by God for our use at an appointed time – matrimony.

2. Its for procreation
The lone goal for God creating sex was for man to multiply, replenish, subdue and dominate the planet. There is no others means through which male is able to reproduce apart from through sex. Sadly, lots of sexual encounters outside wedlock produced vagabonds and illegitimate children. Abortion, unwanted pregnancy or perhaps STD were the items that would be created whether sex was done outside God’s blueprint.

3. It’s created to be practiced between couples which are married ONLY
Hmmm… a few may exclaim! The one method where God endorsed the practice of sex is through marriage, where a male as well as his wife are joined in concert to be one. When sex is practiced before marriage, it leads to premarital sex (fornication); exterior matrimony, it’s called extramarital sex (adultery). But what do you contact sex in matrimony? Hmm… You’re thinking? That’s the beauty of sex. Certainly no sin, with no infidelity, no cheating or even contacting of any diseases.

4. Its for intimate pleasure between the married
Just how good will it be enjoying sexual intimacy together with the one you actually love? God designed sex for pleasure between couples that are married so that they can enjoy one another and also share intimate satisfaction. One of the ways where married couples are able to delight in intimacy is through sex.

5. The devil altered the purpose of its
Everything God created has a counterfeit made by the devil. God created like, he made infatuation. He created marital sex however, the devil perverted it throughout the introduction of “pre” and “extra” to marital sex. The ignorance of this has made a lot of people to come down victims of its negative effects.

6. It’s encouraged by the mass media in place of abstinence
Most adverts now preach starting to be faithful to someone with the use of condom rather than complete abstinence. A large amount of people today hide out under the shadow of having sex since they think abstinence is impossible. Unfortunately, this menace has escalated the problems connected with abortion, unwanted pregnancy along with other viral diseases contacted through sex. Exactly why must you share condoms when you are able to show individuals the advantages of abstinence?

7. The devil employs it as a way to ruin lives and destroy destinies.
Believe it or maybe not, sex done before or external marriage has ruin the life of great ladies and men. It’s tarnished people’s picture, ruin their career and prevented them from fulfilling the destiny of theirs to the full. Solomon’s reign would have lasted several generations if he had not marry a lot of wives. David as well would’ve emerged a champion if not for his little encounter with Bathsheba that marred his reign. The devil uses all avenue to lure people into sexual sin thus the lives of theirs might be filled with agonies and their destinies short lived. Also remember, the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

8. Sex isn’t a symbol of love

Don’t get it done! Never picture sex as an expression of love. It’s a signal of destruction from the pit of hell. How many people have actually been loved through sex? Nothing good comes from that relationship. What happens when sex cease in that relationship?When you offer sex rather than love, that does not mean you’ll be loved forever. The real meaning of love is sacrifice and dedication. If he/she cannot sacrifice his/her time, resources or energy for your well-being; or even committed to bringing out the best in you, then you are not loved. Don’t be deceived or tricked, sex is not like.

Dear friend, how precious is your destiny and life to you? If it is much more than what you are able to afford to lose in a night stand, you are going to guard it not and jealously let it go through extramarital or premarital sex. The devil lures folks into the act to enable them to barter the virtues of theirs for just a small pleasure and end up their life in regrets. Nobody will hold you down to let you know these truths about sex as it is rare. There are few truths but many lies in the world today. God created sex for couples that are married only. Abstinence till marriage warrants more than developing regrets before and after marriage. Let us embrace an absolutely no sex culture.